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SP104 ER


  • 1343357
  • 2001
  • New York, Unito Dichiara dell'America
  • Lavorazione della carta
  • Estrattrici degli scarti
  • Bobst
  • SP104 ER

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  • 2001
  • Bobst die-cutter
    around 32,000 running hours
    Pivoting Gangway for Feeder
    Non-Stop Feeder
    Motorized Suction Head
    Feed Tray Lateral Correction
    OS Side Guide
    Slow Down Device
    1 Quicklock Cutting Chase
    Micro Adjustment for 1mm Plates
    Chain Rail Lowering Device
    1 Compensating Plate for 1mm Plates
    3 Upper Stripping Frames
    Limited supply of pins, bars and pin holders
    2 Lower Stripping Frames
    1 Central Stripping Pull-Out Frame
    Bernoulli at Stripper Inlet
    3 Upper Blanking Frames
    1 Lower Blanking Frames
    Bernoulli at Blanking Inlet
    Stripping PreSet Table
    11 Flip Top Non-Stop Swords
    9 Conventional Non-Stop Swords
    New gripper Bar Chains and Axles
    New Clutch
    New Brake Linings
  • 1343357
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