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  • 2008
  • PlateRite 4300 E semi-automatic with TrueFlow Rite soft and server
    Technical specifications:
    Registration system: Outter cylinder
    Light source: 16 diode chanels with infrared laser
    Plates size: max. 830x660 mm; min. 324x370 mm
    Exposed surface: maxim 830x633 mm
    Length of the cylinder: the same as the plate size
    Cylinder windings: the plate size minus 16 or 24 mm
    Used plates: Thermal plates – infrared senzitive
    Plate height: from 0.15 to 0.3 mm
    Resolution: 2400, 2438, 2540 dpi
    Refresh: +/- 5 µm
    Productivity: 11 plates/ hour – for 724x615 mm plates
    interface: fast PIF
    A. Specifications for Trueflow Server
    Computer: Hewlett Packard Proliant Proliant ML310
    Processor: Intel Xeon 2.13GHz/, 2MB Cache
    Memory: 2.0GB, 667MHz
    Storage: 146GB 10K SAS 2.5” HDD
    Display: 17” Flat Panel
    Optical storage unit: DVD-RW
    OS: Windows Server 2003
    • Flat Worker
    FlatWorker is an interactiv software offering inposition for different files dimensions. Different Ripped jobs in True Flow can be placed on the plate as wished in FlatWorker and sent back in TrueFlow as a FlatWorker Job.
    As FlatWorker Jobs contains onli a link for bend place and datas about the page, they can be easily moved in the network. Production specifications can be done using the same operations as a normal job in TrueFlow. Flat worker may reproduce a various types of folders including PDF.
  • 1342565
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